Our approach is underpinned by ENTHEOS Collaborative Systems Thinking®

This is a learning process designed to ignite new awareness of the organisational system that we operate in, our role and impact, and our team’s collective role and impact. It brings to the surface the visible and invisible factors driving engagement and performance.

We co-create a visual representation (“The Systems Map”) that depicts the dynamics of the organisational system experienced daily. This process is deeply transformational because we delve into what is occurring below the surface.  We uncover the assumptions that are held about the impact of the different dynamics across the eco-system, and on individual and organisational performance and wellbeing.

The process enables the group to better navigate the complexity of their organisation.  To make informed choices about “the way we want to work together” and “the way we want to be together”, and take committed action to make that happen. It will reveal ‘blockages’ that are inhibiting the team and the organisation and preventing it from performing at its best. 

The identification of the organisational trigger points are used to unleash the organisational energy and potential and, build a healthy culture and thriving organisation.

ENTHEOS Collaborative Systems Thinking® is underpinned by the understanding that organisations are living systems full of complex human beings.  Traditionally our society has viewed organisations as mechanical and tried to fix their problems in the same way we fix a machine, fix the problematic part in isolation from the whole; however, in a living organisational system this approach often creates additional problems in the process. Our approach is different!

ENTHEOS Collaborative Systems Thinking® is applied systems thinking and is a very powerful intervention for organisations to understand the dynamics of the system they operate in, identify the systemic levers, create action plans and develop a shared commitment to focus organisational energy, resources and time more effectively and efficiently.

The ENTHEOS Collaborative Systems Thinking® approach builds capability in Systems Thinking for all stakeholders and is a systemic, sustainable and outcomes focused approach to organisational problem solving.