ENTHEOS Collaborative Systems Thinking® leverages a Systems Thinking and System Dynamic Modelling tool known as a causal loop diagram. This is the framework we use to develop the Organisational Systems Map and create a powerful visualisation of the system components and their interrelationships.

Our approach recognises that an organisation is a dynamic living system full of complex human beings.  It considers all facets in the environment and their relationships in time, taking into account mindsets, beliefs, behaviours, culture, systems and processes to build a whole system understanding of the organisational reality.

The Organisational Systems Map makes the invisible visible and supports us to identify and treat the root cause of the organisational 'blockages' rather than focusing on the symptoms.

Applying this tool to develop a whole system view increases leaders understanding and insights, and supports them in navigating their organisational system and in making effective decisions and plans for the future.

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