Optimising Organisational Capability
To Thrive In Complex Systems


The complexity that leaders face every day can be overwhelming and there is no sign that this complexity will diminish.

Our approach supports you to understand and navigate this complexity.

We help you to deliver your operational goals and strategies, by identifying the root cause of reoccurring problems and focusing organisational energy and resources.

We work with you to:

  1. visually depict the dynamics of your unique and complex organisational system (make the invisible visible)
  2. build organisational understanding of the blockages, root causes and pinpoint the high leverage points (organisational trigger points)
  3. focus your time, energy and resources where it counts!

Solve problems so that they stay solved - without creating new ones in the process!

A wise person once said,

” The secret of success is to know how to turn
stumbling blocks into stepping stones.”
— anonymous
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Does your organisation meet its targets but it's a lot of hard work?

Do you see the potential in your people and organisation and want to release it?

Do you feel like you are in a constant state of survival and it is costing your organisation and you personally?

You know that it does not have to be this hard and you are committed to shifting your organisation from surviving to thriving!


Our offering is to provide supportive and profound insight into the internal dynamics of your organisation, to pinpoint blockages and to help you turn the stumbling blocks in your business into stepping stones to success.


We partner with our clients, source the talent and tailor our teams to best deliver our client’s vision

Our clients are organisational leaders including board members, CEOs, Owners and Senior Leaders.  They are deeply committed to their teams and organisations.  They recognise that something in their organisational eco-system needs to change for their people and organisation to thrive.

They understand that the forces driving the organisation’s performance are often not seen, and in order to transform their organisations they need a new way of seeing and a new way of being.

At ENTHEOS Consulting, we partner with our clients to unleash the organisation’s energy and enable organisational transformation.

We specialise in medium to large organisations that sense they need to, and have the desire and courage to transform.

Founder Cass Spong's Experience


I see how hard people work and the level of stress people carry because they feel there is just too much to do. I have been there and experienced the feeling of powerlessness in being able to change it and to release both my potential and the collective organisational potential.


Let me show you

mywhy-cass hands-mix.jpg

Peter Senge, once said “Our thoughts create our Organisations and then hold us prisoner”.

If collectively we can see what is occurring in our organisational systems, where the blockages are and the trigger points to release them, then collectively we can focus our attention and transform our experience and the organisation. I support teams through this process to achieve organisational aspirations and wellbeing. It’s why I jump out of bed each day to do my work.

What's your day looking like today? I would love to hear your story – let’s have a chat over coffee.


Cass Spong has played a vital role in the start-up of the Centre for Positive Psychology at the University Melbourne. Cass has an incredible ability to help the people she works with see the systems in which they operate and understand how to use these systems effectively.
— Professor Lea Waters – Chair Centre for Positive Psychology | Melbourne University
Cass has been such a valuable asset for all of us. When we began the process, I had some implicit understanding of different factors that influence us, but we often only think about what is right in front of us – what we can see, feel and directly address. Yet this can actually be counterproductive, such that we are working against the larger system. A major takeaway from the process is that by understanding the system, we can rise above the system and more successfully enact sustainable change.
— participant