Collaborative Systems Thinking™  has been designed and tested in a range of organisations and industries and delivers a number of direct and indirect outcomes, these include:

Clear Vision and Targeted Commercially Focused Actions

The systemic approach makes the invisible visible and provides clarity on the optimum pathway. It enables us to focus our actions to where there is the highest leverage to deliver the organisation’s commercial imperatives, without creating additional problems in the process. This ultimately means that minimal resources are employed for maximum impact.

Strategic Capability Uplift

Systems coaching and visualisation of the organisational system enables stakeholders to see the critical connections. And to have strategic conversations about the beliefs, behaviours, culture, systems and processes that impact on the delivery of operational and strategic goals.

Shared Understanding

By seeking the perspectives of stakeholders across the organisation, we create a shared language and understanding of how to best influence the system to deliver the organisational imperatives. Defusing tensions around individual blame (or polarised perspectives) by de-personalising issues and locating them instead in the organisational system.

Change Readiness and Adoption

We connect with and tap into the collective wisdom of stakeholders across the organisation to design effective actions. This significantly heightens employee support for the adoption of necessary changes.

Momentum and Energy

Through the collaborative approach a network of change champions will organically form. These people will have commitment, energy and a stake in the game, because they have been involved in the design.

Strong Foundation For Healthy Team Culture and Thriving Organisation

The deeply transformational process builds individual and group awareness of their contribution in creating the organisational reality. It brings clarity to the optimum focus areas, to create the healthy team culture and thriving organisation