ENTHEOS Collaborative Systems Thinking® identifies and addresses root causes and organisational leverage points so that well timed, well placed actions can produce significant lasting improvements and business outcomes. In a dynamic changing environment you can get a handle on the key issues using this approach. 

Some of the benefits which can be anticipated for your organisation include:

  • Saved time, money and resources
  • Working smarter not harder
  • Development of Systems Thinking capability across the organisation
  • Embedded learning; stakeholders involved in the process are more able to recognise the problematic dynamics and respond constructively for the benefit of the whole organisation
  • Defusing tensions around individual blame or polarised perspectives by de-personalising issues and locating them instead in the organisational system
  • Development of a shared, systemic understanding of the organisational dynamics
  • Innovation and the unblocking of creativity
  • Sustainable change in priority areas
  • Internal change champions engaged and invested in delivering the identified changes

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