Our Service Offerings:

Unlocking Your Organisation's Potential

This service builds organisational systemic problem solving capability, enabling teams to better navigate challenges, identify high leverage points to address root cause of 'blockages', and develop clear operational plans.

We focus on working with teams to build a shared understanding of the organisational dynamics and what is holding them back from thriving.

Our approach focuses on the whole organisational system including the human dimension and builds the bridge between strategy, commercial imperatives and the tactical operational plan. We overlay available data e.g. financials, employee engagement, client advocacy and loyalty, diversity and inclusion targets and metrics to build a rich view of what is really occurring across the organisational system and identify the high leverage points to shift the organisation from surviving to thriving.

Some examples of the application of this service are:

  • Development of effective change strategy and plan for any organisational change program. Unleashing organisational energy to deliver diversity and inclusion targets. Developing a healthy values-driven culture and thriving organisation.
  • Taking a system view to identify priority leadership capabilities and design the most effective capability uplift solutions. Identify tactical solutions to operational challenges without creating additional problems.
  • Building the bridge between employee engagement and organisational performance delivery. Understanding employee engagement survey results in context of delivering the organisation’s strategy and commercial imperatives and developing focused actions to build both engagement and optimise organisational performance. See case study...

Organisational Coaching and Advisory

Our coaching and advisory service for organisations focuses on small, medium and large organisations. This service is very similar to an individual coaching service, but is focused on the organisation and involves stakeholders across the system, to build awareness and shared understanding of the organisational reality and develop a clear path forward with focused actions.

Through this process we also leverage a variety of assessment and survey tools and map the data to the organisational system, enabling us to track organisational performance and gain a deeper understanding of the organisational performance from a systemic lens.

Three to fifteen month: Organisational Coaching and Advisory programs available. Find out more, contact us

Leader Induction

A window into the dynamics of your new organisation: our leader induction service is focused on supporting CEOs, Board Members and Executives to make an immediate positive impact, in their new organisational roles.

We offer accelerated understanding of the organisation’s dynamics. Our approach includes powerful visualisation of the whole organisational system including the human dimension.

Board members often feel they have a limited view of their organisation. Imagine having this kind of window into the organisation – the new organisational dashboard!

We partner with you and your team to create a shared understanding of both the visible and invisible dynamics of the organisation, this gives you greater insight into what is really going on than is possible from any financial or board report.

The insights will ensure that you can commence your leadership role by immediately having high impact meaningful conversations and unlocking the organisation’s potential. We estimate our approach gives you a 6 month kick start in your role, saving you hours in surfacing the invisible dynamics so you can focus immediately on what matters most.

Co-Design and Collaboration

Harnessing the collective wisdom through diversity and inclusion:

We partner with you to design, develop and host your organisation’s co-design and collaboration initiatives.

Our approach is underpinned by a belief in the collective wisdom and we utilise a varieties of techniques to surface it and unleash the collective potential for the purpose of building healthy cultures and thriving organisations.

We specialise in adapting collaboration approaches to meet the needs of all stakeholders. Our focus is an inclusive one that enables the contribution of all participants, including those with diverse backgrounds and needs and who maybe restricted or unable to participate. See Case Study...

Tell me and I’ll forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I’ll understand.
— Chinese proverb

Educate & Engage

Learn how to apply Collaborative Systems Thinking™: Solving Real Organisational Problems To Improve Performance.

Systems Thinking is being used a lot in organisations and espoused as the number one required leadership capability to drive organisational performance in the complexity of today’s environment. However, very few know how to build this capability or understand how to apply it to their day-to-day organisational challenges.

Collaborative Systems Thinking™ is a methodology that does just that, it is applied Systems Thinking in action; making it a practical and accessible tool to support organisations to thrive. See Case Study...

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